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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 15, 2015 12:37am-1:05am EST

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and it's awesome. >> jimmy: it's good to have a friend gregor, sthit?isn't it? >> jimmy: yes. >> maybe you'll get him the "e" for christmas. what is the name of your character? >> this is rey. >> jimmy: the star of the movie we think? >> yes. >> jimmy: although we don't know for sure. >> we will soon. >> jimmy: look at those scary guy in the background making phone calls. who else do we have there, guillermo? who else is in costume for our contest? >> hey, what's up? >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause ] do you have like a garbage truck route? and you put a vest on? or did you make that outfit? >> i made this outfit. yourself? >> with help from my shop. >> jimmy: what kind of shop do you have? >> props and costumes. >> jimmy: you make props and companies tunes so this is perfect for you. >> part of a club, we make our
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>> jimmy: does everyone dress as a fighter pilot? >> there's a whole group of us. >> jimmy: there's a whole group? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: i wonder why they picked you specifically to be in the contest. >> it's the beard. >> jimmy: probably the beard, all right. all right, guillermo. do we have any more? any more contestants? ible we have 1 more contestant here. our friendly neighborhood spider-man. spider-man, are those chippers gloves you're wearing? >> yay clippers! >> jimmy: spider-man, i hope you don't take offense but you ar complete disaster. >> ha ha! >> jimmy: tuck in your mask or something for god's sake. >> i got no wardrobe department. >> jimmy: all right. we'll get you one, all right. let's look at contestants and make a determination. i don't think there's much question about it. fighter pilot. [ cheers and applause ]
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very good prizes. cheese its, go gurt, et cetera. enjoy. have fun, guys. >> thank you! >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo. >> thank you, man. >> jimmy: this movie "star wars," probably the most-anticipated film of the decade. every prominent reviewer in the world has been trying to see it to post the first for you. only one review can be first and tonight with his exclusive take on "the force awakens" here's our friend yehya talking about the movie. >> hi, i'm talk about the movie "star war." "star war," that -- force -- warness. you know "star war" is like good movie. talk about the people, the moon,
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rabbit, people fight with the rabbit, one blue. this "star war," i got gigi guy. i got all the guy, the one like 30 year ago, markhamison. i got the black guy, you know this guy, american-african, i got picture of them. then i got the harrison fork. he don't like take picture. he said no. take picture, like four time. helped, man, take the picture, leave me alone. >> it's true. all of it. >> then i don't know his name. he look to me like all the people. the stone and come like this and this and this. for harrison ford, it's behind his back almost, called shoeraxer.
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also the guy is like silver. gold i mean. i got picture with him too. c-3. like robbit machine, i don't know. the guy in "star war," the green guy, the shorter guy, yogur or something, good actor, he's short, green. his ear up like this. the move why is very, very, very good. "star war" have a lot of robot, have a lot of machine. people will run, gold, silver, like a monkey, everything in "star war." go watch the movie, good luck. like the guy monkey, arrggghhh! he's the one behind harrison ford. [ cheers and applause ]
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the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight the principal dancer from the american ballet
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misty is the one who taught guillermo and i to dance. then one of the great bands of our youth, this is their latest album, called "alone in the universe," jeff lynne's elo from the samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night john krasinski will be here. we have an annual holiday prank war, and unfortunately for me, this year it continued. he pulled three different pranks on me this year. we'll show that tomorrow. from espn chris fowler and kirk herbstreit will be with us, we'll have music from seal, and later this week ryan seacrest, giada de laurentis, gary clark jr., r. kelly and on wednesday night, donald trump will be here. allah willing. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: after this week, our first guest will no longer be known to a generation of kids as "that guy who sang in the coen brothers movie," he plays x-wing fighter pilot poe dameron in "star wars: the force awakens" it opens in theaters everywhere friday, please welcome
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>> jimmy: very good to have you here and to meet you, i'm a big fan of yours and i'm excited. are you excited that you're in "star wars"? >> yeah, yeah, pretty excited, man. >> jimmy: you never know, you're a real serious actor. maybe you think, well, yeah, sure, it's a big thing. >> no, i'm very excited. very, very excited. last night me and my family walked along the tents, the four blocks right out here. and we even stopped in front of the line of people that are waiting already. just kind of hung out. >> jimmy: you know that's the last time you're going to be able to do that without getting swarmed by people? >> yeah, that's true. >> jimmy: how many family members do you have out here? >> about 15, i think. >> jimmy: 15? >> we did a guatemala style, all in one car. yeah, they're here. >> jimmy: are they all coming to the premiere?
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>> jimmy: they're here in the audience? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: oh, wonderful. hi, family. [ cheers and applause ] is your uncle -- >> i brought my own guillermo. >> jimmy: that's nice of you to provide one. your uncle guillermo who is actually in the movie. how did this happen? >> that's the -- he, yes. huge, huge star wars fan. i think the thing with star wars, the other generations pass it on to the younger ones. >> jimmy: yes. >> love that obsession. so he definitely did that for us, me and my brother and my cousins. so when i was cast i told him. he almost passed out. he couldn't believe it. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i told j.j. sxul all about him. he even made a figure. like an action figure of me the day after i got cast. in the packaging with like a story behind it. >> jimmy: your uncle? or j.j.? >> my uncle did that. >> jimmy: you have an uncle who makes action figures? >> yeah, yeah, yeah.
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i brought him to set and j.j. said, do you want to be in the movie? and helped, oh my god, yeah, are you serious? they got him in costume, they put him in the movie. >> jimmy: this is an exclusive. i think this is the first ever seen photograph of -- that's your uncle right there. [ cheers and applause ] wow, he's not going to be able to walk around either. he has a more prominent part than luke skywalker does in the film. that's exciting. how did you find out -- how did place? did j.j. himself -- >> i got a call that gigi abraham wanted to meet with me. so he was in paris. what. even though i know he was doing star wars. i flew to paris. i met him in an office with larry kaz dan, kathy kennedy, story.
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cafe in paris. and i said, is there any way i because they weren't doing that. they said all right. he handed he his iphone. i was sitting at midnight in this parisian cafe reading "star wars episode 7" in front of j.j. >> jimmy: on his phone. >> he sat there looking at me. i just went really quickly. it's great, great, really good. really -- yeah. yeah. very good. >> jimmy: that was the deal sealed then? you knew you had the part? >> no, i went back home. we kept talking. the part evolved a bit. and then a couple weeks later i went to london and read with john and daisy. and that night they called me and gave me the part. >> jimmy: wow. and at that time -- are you able to tell anybody? >> yeah, they say you can't tell anyone. >> jimmy: right. how long did you have to keep that quiet? >> i was supposed to keep it quiet till now. yeah. >> jimmy: oh. >> yeah.
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>> no, i told them yes very quickly. i told them that night. >> jimmy: it was that night? >> that night i skyped them. >> jimmy: you have to give give your uncle time to get the action figure ready. >> exactly. >> jimmy: now i mentioned the go gurt before. there you are. >> i haven't seen the actual thing. >> jimmy: it's an actor's dream to be on go gurt. it does seem like food of the future for sure. >> you can suck yogurt from my head. >> jimmy: that's a great pickup like by the way. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, stop it. have you seen it? i don't think your uncle made this one. this is the poe damron -- what can you tell us about poe? >> he doesn't quite look so much like a cross between benicio del toro and sloth from "the gone goonies." >> jimmy: looks a little more like you?
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his character? >> he's a pilot for the resistance. he believes in the force. he's committed to the resistance. he's their most daring pilot. he's very eager to prove -- >> jimmy: what kind of name is poe damron? >> it's a great star wars name. >> jimmy: it is a good star wars name. did you know that was your name? >> there's a morgan damron who's j.j.'s assistant. >> jimmy: j.j. named your character after his assistant? >> the damron part, yeah. >> jimmy: wow. that's better than a raise. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> and she has a little moment in the movie. >> jimmy: not as big as your uncle's. >> not as big, no, no. yeah, every time we pass each other, we're like, damron. damron. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. oscar isaac! "star wars: the force awakens" opens in theaters on friday. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: we're back with oscar isaac, "the "star wars": the force awakens" opens friday. people drive you crazy asking questions about what happens? >> yes. >> jimmy: are you looking forward to the movie opening so they stop asking you questions? >> i am, we can talk about other things now. >> jimmy: actually it might be the other way. now there might be more questions. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's not like people ever really stop talking about "star wars." >> true. they'll ask me about trusters and buttons in the cockpit.
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>> yeah, yeah, i do, actually. >> jimmy: good, all right. >> the day i got to set they had a blueprint of the cockpit with like a numerical sequence for how to start up the x wing and which buttons have been used in other movies. those buttons were already assigned to other things. and which buttons were free for my imagination to work. buttons. here. >> jimmy: take a look at this. i want to show you this from 1977. this is the original "star wars" film opened in the same theater that you're going to tonight to see the premiere, the chinese theater across the street. you see people are pretty excited bit back then too, even though the movie hadn't come out >> that's crazy. >> jimmy: it is really a crazy thing to be a part of. >> it really is. >> jimmy: you were a musician before you started acting? >> yeah, i was in south florida, that's what i was doing. >> jimmy: in a ska band? >> in a few, yeah. >> jimmy: what were the names of the bands?
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there was closet heterosexuals. yeah. >> jimmy: were they successful? >> the worms. >> jimmy: the worms? >> yeah, the worms. >> jimmy: worms is a good name. >> the blinky underdogs as well, who happened to open. >> jimmy: you opened for our announcer dicky barrett and his mighty mighty bosstones. [ cheers and applause ] >> opened is a little bit of a stretch. >> jimmy: why? >> because we played at a -- on a stage in a festival probably like five hours before them. >> jimmy: oh. >> but on the resume -- i don't know who opened for who, really. >> jimmy: really in a way, it could go the other way. dicky opened for you tonight. that's justice. [ cheers and applause ] >> congrats. >> dicky: thank you very much. >> jimmy: it's great to see you, i can't wait to see the movie,
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